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Paid Search Questions

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:56 pm
by bertm
I have recently downgraded my service. With headers/files encrypted I never understood how anyone would find files w/0 downloading a preview. Now I am interested in your paid search since I don't want to waste bandwidth on headers.

Can you help me to understand how encrypted files would work with your paid search. It's been a long time so if you could restate monthly costs as well I'd appreciate that too.

Re: Paid Search Questions

PostPosted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 5:18 pm
by Quade
Search and downloading headers is functionally the same. You end up with a list of things.

Where it differs is that:

1 - Typically we try to ID encrypted files in Search so you don't have to download them. You can totally hide them too. Look in the spam options.

2 - Some obscured formats are parsed and the actual found filename are listed, not just the scrambled headers.

3 - Bandwidths usage is far less.

4 - No headers to download.