How Local Header Group Index Works

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How Local Header Group Index Works

Postby hmouse27 » Mon Nov 06, 2017 10:30 pm

So I read in the V600-Searching and Filtering

Local Stored Search - This search type allows the same keyword and other criteria available for internet searching but searches your locally stored headers. Newsbin will create an index of this data the first time the headers are searched so subsequent searches become faster than your initial search.

Does opening the group by choosing "Show all posts" perform the index as well? Or is it only while doing an actual local search on the group with a specific search string?

What about Watch Lists searching every 30 min or so? Does that kick off any indexing.. If so you would think everything would be indexed as it came in assuming your watch lists are looking at every group which mine are.

Also does it index all files in the group as it searches through? Or just the headers related to the Search criteria that are returned?

I have several of the larger groups with around 2k days retention I am attempting to search through several times and its taking 12+ hours to return any data. Where as your internet search is searching those groups and a lot more and returns in seconds.

Wondering what the difference is.
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