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Auto UnRAR issues and suggestions

Postby Mav99 » Sat Oct 31, 2020 7:33 am

Auto UnRAR currently unpacks archives recursively. If it finds an archive within the original archive it unpacks that as well, and so on. That often destroys the download.
For example, when the content of the original download is a setup program with data in zip files, NewsBin will unpack and remove the zips, and the setup program will fail because it can't find it's required files any more. Even if you disable the deletion of UnRARed files, it still creates a mess.
The best way to stop this right now is to disable Auto UnRAR completely and unpack everything manually. A lot of unnecessary work and a lot less comfortable.

So please add an option to Auto UnRAR to *ONLY* unpack the original downloaded archive and leave everything inside alone.
Personally I'd even make that the default setting.

There's also an annoying bug with Auto UnRAR:
If there's not enough disk space to unpack the files, Auto UnRAR will just stop unpacking, leaving incomplete files without any warning or error message. On top of that NewsBin still regards the UnRAR process as complete and deletes the RAR files. That leaves you with useless, incomplete files and no RARs to fix this. After clearing more space, you'll have to download everything again.
Auto UnRAR should instead pause and show an error message with the options to continue (after clearing up some space) or cancel. If canceled, the incomplete files should be deleted and the RAR files should be left alone.

I'm currently using NewsBin Pro 6.82 - Build 5142
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Re: Auto UnRAR issues and suggestions

Postby Quade » Sat Oct 31, 2020 9:52 pm

Recursive unrar is optional in I believe B1. It might be optional in 6.82. I'm not sure.

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You could try adding this to the NBI.

Newsbin checks the unrar folder for free space before it starts the unrar. I thought it would stall the unrar when you run out too. I know the beta stalls the unrar in the middle of the unrar if you run out of space.
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