Well, now that THAT's DONE!, onto the next requests [G]

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Well, now that THAT's DONE!, onto the next requests [G]

Postby UPdown » Sun Sep 16, 2018 11:08 am

I know you are pretty well exhausted after putting the last release candidate to bed and making the update an official version. You should be happy with yourself. And I hope the adrenaline is still flowing. Cuz here comes your next project ... PLEASE!!

I'm super happy with where NewsBin is right now. I'm running a little tight these days and was thinking about the end of the year renewal for the Search capability that I'm not using much anymore. And it hit me that I don't care. I'm happy to give you guys the value (and a fraction at that) that I get out of NewsBin. Hope you don't think I'm blowing smoke up your butt. It's all true.

But NewsBin still has some issues with SOME obfuscation. Not enough to moan about. But it's still getting beat sometimes. And I have NOOOOO idea why the posters even try. Who DO they think they are fooling any more? At any rate, I don't care about obfuscation anymore. The few bits of tidying I have to do isn't worth YOUR TIME AND EFFORT.

What I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want is an ability to add a test for DOWNLOADED in the Filter Options group filters. There's one group I haunt and use filtering to find a specific set of file formats. I then download EVERYONE that survives the filtering and am happy. But, once in a while, I scroll through the pages and pages and pages of files I've downloaded and discover an overlooked one. I assume it was late to the filter party back when I was doing my weekly downloads. Or it was incomplete and later completed. Or whatever. I download it and then keep scrolling back through the pages and pages and pages. Three years worth. And I seem STILL to be finding stuff one or two years old that is NEW to my searching. I could save some serious time if I could JUST add a filter condition to eliminate the files that I've already loaded.

You KNOW the files have been downloaded. You colour THEM green (in my colour scheme). And you also know the ones that are incomplete, cuz they are an ugly version of yellow. New stuff is white of course. BUT, it would be GREAT if I could also filter out the green ones and just leave me with an all white list (I'm assuming once I get the green, you'll give me the ugly yellow ones too, just because you guys go the extra yard). Click on the top one, scroll to the bottom, job done when I hit the download button. Back to YouTube while I wait.

I assume you colour a post based on a post being in or not in a database. It'll SLOW things down for most people. So, I'm asking for an OPTION, not a perma-feature.

And since you have NOTHING ON YOUR PLATE BUT MY IDEAS RIGHT NOW .... itty bitty please .... I wonder if it would be possible to EXPORT filters as a sql code file? And then maybe parse them right back? I have a screenful of filters, use a half-dozen, and wonder what made me save the others. Getting them into a text format I could compare might allow me to clean house, PLUS add in things to the regular half-dozen that I'd missed and haven't realized I might need again (or still). I'm thinking format-wise something LIKE this pseudo code:

Select *
From FilterOptions
Where (
(filesize between 1000 and 2000000) and
(crosspostfilter = 0) and
(agefilter > 0) and
(downloaded not true) and // thought I'd try and sneak this in
((CONDITION1 = true) or
(CONDITION2 = true) or and or and or and or and etc.) and not
((CONDITIONA = true) or
(CONDITIONB = true) or and or and or and or)

Anyways, thanks for what you've done. And what you WILL do.
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