alt.binaries.x & alt.binaries.X

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alt.binaries.x & alt.binaries.X

Postby Biship » Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:38 am

There seems to be alt.binaries.x & alt.binaries.X (well at least in my groups list - which I just did a complete download).
When adding alt.binaries.x in NBP, it adds both. Well it check marks both, but I only see one in Groups list.
I'm using: frugalnews, astraweb, usenetexpress.
Not sure if .X is valid, or if you need to handle case sensitive groups?
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Re: alt.binaries.x & alt.binaries.X

Postby Quade » Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:59 am

I'll have to investigate.
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