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Newsbin 6.7xx on Mac 10.12.3 with winebottler 1.8 (UPDATED)

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:12 am
by neildownx
Newsbin Install procedure (MAC only) with winebottler resolved!!! (UPDATED to include backup and latest version installs)
Thought I would share my two week long issue trying to install Newsbin on a Mac, It worked fine on version6.53 however 6.71 / 6.72 had issues (until now)
This is my FINAL working install procedure so others may use this wonderfull Newsbin software on a Mac/Linux
You will need the latest FREE winbottler software currently 1.8-rc4 Development this is the only version that allows for the win7 selection on newsbin 6.71 (6.72 now works fine with xp)
This is by far the easiest FREE method of all with no command line entries.

If you already have newsbin, copy and remove the newsbin.nbi file out of the newsbin folder, place it somewhere safe for later use
Create a backup of your newsbin.nbi - this will keep all you settings safe
Run wine app (update all the extras before running winebottler for the first time)
Run winebottler app

Place latest newsbin.exe locally into downloads folder
Goto advanced menu in winbottler
Leave the Prefix Template as default and under Program installation select the newsbin.exe file
System versions 6.71 will only work on win7 so select that, not xp (latest versions from 6.72 can now run on xp again so select that instead)
Untick both open source options these are not needed
Now click install and select a local folder such as the downloads folder

(ONLY select local folders otherwise the process will error - folders on other drives fail)
DO NOT change any options when the newsbin installer runs - use the default locations and select NEXT to continue
If you have a reg key select NO to the registration option
Then enter as a server address and tick the login override box for password and username (your existing settings are safe in the copy of newsbin.nbi)

Do not change the data saved folder at this time
Before you click finish - untick the NewsBin launch box and DO NOT launch the program

Winebottler will now ask you what program to run when the app launches select NewsbinPro.exe from the list

Once the process is complete run the new app locally first in the downloads folder to initiate the final setup
This could take a minute or two and the app may seem to close down (be patient)
ONCE newsbin finally opens you can close the app and move it to another folder if desired
Now place your backup copy of newsbin.nbi into the same folder (confirm the replacement of the file)


if you have any errors or the newsbin file fails to run try another download sometimes the FULL version works better than the current install version.

If winebottler fails you may need to uninstall it and install again remembering to run wine first and update all the extras before running winebottler

The XQuartz app formally known as X11 maybe required before installing winebottler (not sure why but it all worked for me once I reinstalled this must have been some missing link files somewhere)

Re: Newsbin 6.71B4 works on Mac 10.11.5 with winebottler 1.8

PostPosted: Sun Jun 19, 2016 8:15 pm
by Quade
Wow that's nice to know.