Ubuntu 14.04 + WINE 1.6.1. + nb642-install.exe

While it isn't officially supported, we have many users who successfully run NewsBin under Linux with a Windows emulator (Wine is the most popular). This forum exists for you Linux guys to share your experience getting NewsBin running on Linux as well as report any strangeness that we may or may not be able to fix. DThor is the resident expert.

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Ubuntu 14.04 + WINE 1.6.1. + nb642-install.exe

Postby rae2 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 12:02 pm

I'm a novice with Linux/Ubuntu but after reading several WINE user guides & how to's regarding installing Windows software under WINE, I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm using a dual boot system - WinXP (32bit) & Ubuntu 14.04 (64bit) - on an Asus MB, Core2Duo 8400 CPU, 4GB ram, and several SATA HDs. I reorganized my system so that C: drive and what now is E: drive are exclusively Windows. I reformatted what was D: drive under the gParted program to ext4 format and then between Ubuntu installation and my fooling around, that drive chopped up into three parts that only Ubuntu can figure out.

I've been running Newsbin Pro under Windows for a few years. Works great. I've recently had problems with the newest "upgrades" (6.5+) (too much detail to go into here) so I've gone back to 6.4.2 and it works perfectly for me. I COPIED the nb642-install.exe file to /home/downloads on the ext4 drive. In Ubuntu I right clicked on that file and it gave me the option to open it under WINE. From then on, I just followed the Newsbin installation screens, inserting my server info, passwords, etc. When those operations finished, I had NewsBin Pro 6.42 - build 2148 up and running and working perfectly under WINE in Ubuntu.

I set up a group or two - updated them, and downloaded a file or two. Worked perfectly.

I want to have the downloads go into the same folder into which the Windows version of NewsBin puts them, but haven't figured out exactly how to accomplish that since Ubuntu isn't showing me all the folders on my C: drive... but I'll figure it out somehow. It is necessary for the downloads to be deposited on a drive that Windows will recognize (and that's not the ext4 format that Ubuntu uses) so I can access them when using Windows. At the moment NewsBin is depositing them into a Downloads folder on my Windows drive, but not the downloads folder I want.

Hope this helps.
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